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Core Health, Drem, East Lothian

We were contacted back in December about a new business that was starting up in Drem, East Lothian. It was only in the planning stage, with a lot of building work still needing done. It was the perfect time to contact us, as it’s great to be involved with the design of signs as possible as early as possible.

We can get a feel for the building and by meeting up with the client, get a better idea of what is required. We began by just measuring up a few possible areas where signage would be required externally. We could then go ahead and give some ideas for the signage in regard to materials and layout as well as fixtures and fittings. The logo had already been designed so we tried to keep the corporate identity in all the signage around the building. We suggested flat cut signage for the large front of building as this area was wood clad and it would be good to keep as much of this visible as possible.

It also had to be big enough to be seen from the road. Various directional signs were also needed so we kept materials similar as well as colours. We wanted to keep the signs smart and professional so we used stainless steel fixings. The site for the new business was on a working farm so the landowner was keen for some of the original features to be kept and not replaced with huge boards. We kept this in mind when employing a local blacksmith to liaise with the landowner to discuss signage at the road end. A steel hanging sign was already in place so instead of replacing it, we made an addition to it, keeping it in the same style as the existing sign.

Once all the external signage was agreed upon, it had to go to planning. This is where there is always a bit of a wait. As soon as the go ahead was given, materials were ordered and the production of the signs began. We generally would only need about a weeks notice for signage but for flat cut letters, 2 weeks is better. The signage was installed over a couple of days, but is always weather dependant.

The building was now ready to have some of the internal signs measured up for. Corporate identity was maintained and font and colours kept in line with external signage. Different options were given so the client could compare different colours and styles. When everything was agreed upon, the signage was installed.