Flat Cut Letters

This type of signage can have a very smart and stylish finish as you can see from the images.

The graphics are cut and fixed to the wall or a board using fixings that stand out from the wall. The distance depends on the size of fixings. First a design is agreed upon, the materials are then chosen, normally an aluminium composite such as Dibond or Perspex. The materials are then cut from vectors. A template has to be made on which the individual letters or images are laid to determine where the drilled fixings will be placed on the wall. The letters are then attached to the wall one by one to give a great finish.

The flat cut letters can be cut from Dibond that comes in a variety of colours or finishes including brushed silver. Or, the Dibond is cut and a vinyl colour of your choice can be applied to it or even a full colour printed image. The material can also be layered to give another kind of look.

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