All your vehicle livery needs can be taken care of by cca-signs. We can help from beginning the design process, if this is needed, to applying the vinyl, wherever (mobile service available) and whenever it suits you. High quality vinyl is used with up to a 10 year lifespan. Flat colour or full colour images can be applied. To begin the process just contact cca-signs.

If you already have a layout for your vehicle then you can e-mail it (jpg, pdf, eps or ai) or post it to us with any other information needed e.g. what text is required, tel or mob number etc. cca-signs can then give you a quote. 

If you don’t have a layout or design then please don’t worry, as cca-signs will do all this for you. We just need to know what make and model your vehicle is, the colour, year and wheel base length if applicable (e.g. short wheelbase, medium wheelbase or long wheelbase and also high roof for van, cargo, truck or bus) 

If you want to use your logo on your vehicle please email it to us. If you have pdf, ai or eps format with vectors this can reduce the cost of flat colour logos. If you don’t have this format then don’t worry as cca-signs can redraw the logo from a jpg file. If your logo is full colour such as a photograph then it will be printed full colour and laminated before application. If you don’t have a logo, cca-signs can design one for you giving you a choice of colour, font, image etc.

A vehicle wrapping service is also available. This is where all or part of the vehicle is literally wrapped in a special cast vinyl which fits into any recesses and around curves. It can be used to colour change your vehicle, which not only gives you a new look but also protects the paint work from chips and minor scratches and rust. Or printed vinyl can be applied with a design of your choice. This vinyl is laminated first to protect the graphics from scratches or sun exposure. Both types of application are relatively easy to remove and cause no damage to underlying paintwork.

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